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We have our own mine of rose-quartz and tourmaline. From the 
rose-quartz and other stones we make jewellery. We also import 
minerals, polished stones and jewellery of stones. We sell our 
merchandice in four ways:
* in our own store "Stenhyddan" in Överhogdal in Härjedalen
* to other stoneshops (wholesale)
* in mineral fairs in Sweden and Norway
* by catalogue

In order to buy the best quality to the best price we travel to many countries,
for example Brazil, Uruguay, Peru, Poland etc. In that way we can select
the pieces that we like and we will get the best quality and good prices.

In our store we also sell local handicraft from wood, bark, textiles etc.
We have nice handicraft with motivs from the world famous "Överhogdalstapeten",
a tapistry made about 1000 years ago.
We have a lot of international tourists that visit us every year, 
some because they have heard from friends about our store 
and some come to visit our famous mine.
Our season is from end of June to middle of August. 

You can order by phone or e-mail.

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Mossbo Stenar


summertime: Överhogdal 348, 842 97 Ytterhogdal, Sweden.

mobiltel: 070 - 59 82021
international telephone: +46705982021

Uppdated 2022-12-16.